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April Birthday Gift Idea: Diamond Jewelry With Enamel


We’re nearly into April now (rejoice!), a month that comes with much appeal, mostly for its entry into warmer weather, but also for its birthstone—diamond.

Who doesn’t love the diamond? Whether natural or lab-grown, the gem brings much-needed sparkle to everything it touches. We envy those born in April because we imagine they’re showered with diamonds each birthday (most probably aren’t), and wish we, too, could celebrate with the birthstone.

I fixed it so I can. Emerald is my official birthstone, but since my daughter was born in April, my “birth day” falls during that month, so I’ve adopted the tradition of celebrating with a (small!) piece of diamond jewel each year on her birthday.

But I have a complaint this year (oh, my diamond shoes are too tight!). I don’t have deep enough pockets to splurge on some sort of major high-carat piece, and I’ve been getting a little bored with the teensy diamond pieces. Don’t get me wrong! I love them, I’ll wear them, I’ll treasure them, I’ll collect more! But, given my ability to procure one per year, I want some color.

Never Not Yellow Starburst Pendant

Yes, colored diamonds are an option, but not one I’m currently feelin’. I want bright color and a splash of fun, while getting my diamonds and wearing them, too. Is that so much to ask for?

Turns out, it’s not. So many designers are working with enamel these days—many of them with relatively accessible prices—and relying on our dear diamonds to spice up a variety of hues, from the fluorescent to the pastel and everything in between. It’s a wondrous opportunity to delight April birthday revelers with something that feels fresh, cheerful, and still completely within birthstone boundaries.

These are just a handful of options jewelers and their customers can expect to fall in love with in the month ahead and beyond.


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