NeverNot was established in 2018 by Georgian born, London based friends Nina Dzhokhadze and Natia Chkhartishvili, who after many years in the luxury industry, decided to join forces to authentically honour their love for and dedication to high-quality jewellery for everyday life.
NeverNot is based in
London, with showroom in Notting Hill, which welcomes NeverNoT customers, buyers and press since 2022.
It became the place to meet and interact with customers and friends, but just like the creators behind it, brand lives and
travels all over the world and is regular exhibitors in London Fashion Week,
Paris Fashion Week and By Couture Vegas jewellery show.
The main inspiration behind the brand came from a shared passion for new adventures.
NeverNot’s style is synonymous to a colourful life - the kind of life we can never not enjoy.
NeverNot embodies an ‘always on’ philosophy - believing jewellery shouldn't spend most of its life in a box. And nor should you.
So we make fine jewellery for the very best occasion; all the time. 
Today NeverNoT is sold around the world with global retailers and easily recognizable for its happy and colorful luxury pieces with its bright colors and immaculate craftsmanship in 18 and 14 carat gold and precious gemstones.