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Never not bright and bold

Simple, minimal, and affordable probably spring to mind when one defines everyday jewellery, whereas Nina Dzhokhadze, Natia Chkhartishvili and Tamara Svanidze, the co-founders of NeverNoT prove that everyday jewellery could be fun, colourful and precious. 

The trio behind NeverNoT all hail from Georgia and met each other in London. Before channelling their passion into jewellery, Chkhartishvili and Svanidze were in the styling and fashion field, and Dzhokhadze had been a sales director for the influential British jeweller, Stephen Webster for years. “Our shared culture teaches us not to be afraid of expressing our emotions as well as never not to be passionately involved in everything we love. It did not take us long to connect deeply and kickstarted our exciting journey of bringing our favourite to the world,” Dzhokhadze said. “We love popping and neon colour combinations from clothes to interior much to put them in our jewellery design,” she added.


With flying colours 

Back in 2017 when enamel was gaining popularity, NeverNoT was one of the pioneers to debut its neon enamel collection, Show n Tell. The ‘Ready 2 Burst’ rings from the by-women-for-women line, celebrate the subject of love with two-layer stacked beating hearts. The three rings feature hearts of single-colour neon enamel in grass green, peach pink and lemon yellow encrusted in an 18-karat gold heart. They remain a hit until now. Dzhokhadze shared with Hong Kong Jewellery the fun story behind the rings that shows and tells us love knows no gender, so does jewellery: “We had very interesting purchases made by men worldwide, such as Greece and Italy, for their pinkie fingers. They discover a versatile and gender-neutral side of the rings.” 


The more the merrier

Bold colour combination is another NeverNoT’s secret ingredient to exuberant design that shouts its expressive style. Highlighting a lake blue topaz centre stone with a yellowy twist to the white squares of nostalgic black and white checkerboard frame, the funky ‘Black and yellow pendant is an essential accessory for summer wardrobe that is all about bright tones. Strong colours help lift your mood. For instance, pink is a colour believed to evoke feelings of joy and is physically soothing. However, mixing too many of them at once will make you feel the opposite of tranquil. The background of styling and fashion help Chkhartishvili and Svanidze to strike a perfect balance while creating head-turning pieces. Such mix and match senses are showcased in the colour mixing art deco Grab n Go ‘Ready 2 Release’ rings. The team sets a sky-blue turquoise in 18-karat yellow gold to play up outlines of an emerald-cut stone which is surrounded by two different colours of enamel sub-crusts and encrusted with a multi-coloured striped enamel. 


The brand is an Instagrammer while its official website stays as major selling platform. “Instagram is like our diary. When we launch new pieces or new colour combinations, our followers will be the first to know,” Dzhokhadze said. It is also a tool to interact with the audience. Some of their customers have now turned into friends of the founders. NeverNot hopes this experience could spread globally via social media and inspire people around the world to wear flamboyant jewellery.



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