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By Ashley Davis
NeverNoT is an exuberant new brand of fine jewelry redolent of bold, 1950s cocktail jewelry styles. Pictured is the “Chess” ring from the “Show n Tell” collection, crafted in 18-karat yellow gold with black and white enamel and blue topaz.
London—When three best friends get together to create a fine jewelry line, the result is a collection that embodies joie de vivre and has a sense of humor.

At least that’s the case for NeverNoT, the whimsical collection from Nina Dzhokhadze, Natia Chkhartishvili and Tamara Svanidze.

The friends, who all hail from Georgia in eastern Europe, connected as expats working in London in the fashion and jewelry industries, their skill sets ranging from styling to sales.

20200309 NeverNoT insertMeet the friends and founders behind NeverNoT, clockwise from left: Tamara Svanidze, Natia Chkhartishvili and Nina Dzhokhadze.“It made complete sense for the three of us to join forces and backgrounds to create NeverNoT,” explained Dzhokhadze via e-mail.

“Our shared culture taught us not to be afraid of expressing our emotions as well as to never not be passionately involved in everything we love.”

The friends launched NeverNoT—with each capital letter signifying a founder’s first name—in 2017, with Dzhokhadze managing sales and business development from London, while Chkhartishvili and Svanidze handle design and production in their native Georgia.

Out of the gate, the young brand has demonstrated a clear point of view. Their particular vein of luxury is a wholesome, Palm Springs drinks-by-the-pool variety, Retro-inspired and filled with exuberant color.

A signature style is an oversized cocktail ring shaped like an emerald-cut gemstone but crafted in 18-karat gold and turquoise, yellow, pink and black and white striped enamel.

Of the heart motif so prevalent in the fine jewelry market in the past year, NeverNoT crafts a particularly effective and original take: a bursting double outline that’s a wearable statement ring, available in gold or neon green or pink enamel, or a new curving pendant in similarly vivid shades.

Dzhokhadze said NeverNoT delivers “the traditional world of impeccable quality but in a super-fun and colorful way with a little twist.”

It’s jewelry for an “independent woman, confident in her actions and happy to buy for herself,” she said.

“We want to empower women to experiment with bright colors and fun pieces.”

In addition to fringe earrings and cocktail rings, NeverNoT’s most mature but no less amusing collection is its tongue-in-cheek nod to censorship—the fig leaf.

Called “Hide n Seek,” the collection highlights meticulously detailed enamel to illustrate the starring motif, down to the leaf’s miniscule veins.

And, because silliness reigns supreme at NeverNoT, stylish pendants and rings swivel to reveal the anatomy the fig leaf is covering up.

While NeverNoT doesn’t take itself too seriously, Dzhokhadze and her co-founders do mean business.

Retailing on average between $2,500 and $4,000, they’re already stocked at retailers like, Tsum in Russia, Madlords in France and Ylang23 in the United States.

They’ll likely pick up a few more accounts at the Couture jewelry trade show this year, where they will make their debut in the Design Atelier.

Dzhokhadze said, “We have witnessed our brand growing very organically from the start. [In the future] we see it growing even more, expanding globally and working with established partners internationally.”


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