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summer jewelry

My jewelry collection can be divided into two categories: the classic gold jewelry that I wear throughout the year and my summer jewelry. I put the latter in its own category since the type of accessories I favor this time of year tends to be much more exuberant than during any other season. The colors get brighter, the silhouettes get bolder, and the pieces are anything but dainty. Summer is when these fun-loving pieces really get to shine.

There are several key jewelry trends that contribute to this aesthetic—from beaded pieces and colorful enamel to baroque pearls—but overall, I'd simply call it summer jewelry. To see what I mean, I'm highlighting 30 finds that embody this free-spirited, beachy vibe. In the below edit, you'll find everything from brightly beaded necklaces to bikini-ready body chains and chunky resin rings that are ideal for wearing on vacation, to the beach, or simply layering on with your favorite summer dresses.

Nevernot 18k Yellow Gold Spread Your Light Ring


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