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The Life in Colour Capsule by NeverNoT Will Put a Spring in Your Step

The popularity of talisman jewelry is a holdover from 2020, and it’s one that will likely endure this year, and possibly even the next. It’s not that talismans haven’t always been extremely popular—icons like the evil eye and shamrock have long been collection staples—it’s just that they’re now due more appreciation than before.

NeverNoT has a collection of evil eye jewelry that is like the awakening of spring. Did you ever notice how when a new year starts, even though it’s freezing cold you’re immediately drawn in by bright colors? We compile all the season’s latest spring fashions to purchase even though they’ll go unworn for months, simply because they give us hope and excitement for warmer seasons to come. Every new year goes like this. The holidays are over and suddenly the magic of winter is forgotten, the ball dropping a signal of a fresh start. Nothing quite says fresh like bright spring colors, does it?

NeverNot pink topaz eye pendant
Life in Colour eye pendant in 14k yellow gold with enamel and pink topaz, £1,055 ($1,435)

And that’s precisely what I adore about NeverNoT’s new capsule line Life in Colour, which was made in collaboration with jewelry designer Ilaria Lanzoni. Its offerings are a happy combination of Lanzoni’s beautiful drawings, along with NeverNoT’s “never boring” approach to color. It’s a result many will be powerless to resist, both for its cheerful disposition and hopeful, protective symbolism.

NeverNot blue topaz eye pendant
Life in Colour eye pendant in 14k yellow gold with enamel and blue topaz, £1,055 ($1,435)

“During the pandemic, we felt more than ever that we need a piece that we wear all the time without taking it off—something small, talismanic, but at the same time very colorful and cheerful,” says NeverNoT cofounder and head of sales Nina Dzhokhadze. “We would get on a call with Ilaria during the summer [of 2020] to create perfect, eye-positive, colorful, and happy jewels for everyone with a price point lower than $1,500.”

NeverNot yellow topaz eye pendant
Life in Colour eye pendant in 14k yellow gold with enamel and yellow topaz, £1,055 ($1,435)

The designers opted to go with the evil eye motif because of the popularity of an evil eye ringNeverNoT introduced back in March 2020 (just before the global lockdown started), so this new collection is somewhat of an expansion on that. Dzhokhadze tells me there are also plans to extend the line with small rings and stud earrings later this year (I personally can’t wait for the stud earrings).

NeverNot eye pendant engraved
Life in Colour eye pendant with engraving on the back

The pendants come in an assortment of enamel colors and gemstones; shoppers may be drawn to the stones that match their own eye color. To up the personalization factor, the pieces may be engraved on the back, and can be worn facing either way—the back still features that patterned enamel, so the design carries over throughout the whole piece.

NeverNot green topaz eye pendant
Life in Colour eye pendant in 14k yellow gold with enamel and green topaz, £1,055 ($1,435)

The collection was introduced on NeverNoT’s website earlier this week, and debuts on Moda Operandi today.


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