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Britt’s Pick: The Ready 2 Release Ring by NeverNoT

When decorating for the holidays, there are enough options for a color palette to make your head spin. There’s the classic silver and gold. The Christmas-y red and green. You could go blue, you could go all snowy white. There are the soft pastels or the rich jewel tones. And then there are the bright, energetic candy hues that would make any kid giddy.

While you fuss over the color stories that please you most, let this ring be a point for the candy department. By the London-based NeverNoT, this rainbow of a ring is a portable sugary sweet, a modern addition to the costume of the Nutcracker’s Sugar Plum Fairy.

That’s actually a turquoise right at its jewel box center, gilded with lines of 18k yellow gold, and then triply framed in octagons of black, yellow, and multicolor enamel.

It’s a big look—bright color aside, this most certainly earns the name cocktail ring—and if you look at it and think, “that’s fun!” then you’re picking up on what this particular collection is all about.

This ring is from NeverNoT’s Grab n Go collection, which is dedicated to pieces that are beautiful and noteworthy, yet easy to wear. From the brand’s website: “Grab n go! Grab the moment; brighten, lighten; instant with the flow. Eat breakfast, take your necklace. Enjoy a bite, bring a bracelet. Sip a cocktail, don’t forget your ring. Ready 2 go.”

If rainbow isn’t someone’s bag, this line of Ready 2 Release rings gives a handful of options, each beginning with that turquoise center and echoing the same pattern of framing with combinations such as black and white, black and burgundy, or black, pink, and red. Each is a candied treat.

The ring is currently available for pre-order on NeverNoT’s website and through select retailers.

Top: Ready 2 Release ring in 18k yellow gold with turquoise and enamel, £3,200 ($4,268)


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