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Every now and then, a jewelry item is developed that captures our collective dreams, emotions, adventures and what we hope will signify a special moment or moments in our lives. Such is the case of NeverNoT’s three-dimensional gemstone and gold luggage charms. NeverNoT is based in London but is worn internationally and travels worldwide, just like the creators behind it. The entire collection is about living joyfully and wearing your jewelry all of the time rather than ‘never not’ wearing it and keeping it in a box or a safe.

This new series represents people returning to their lives and traveling more, often to further destinations they had wanted to visit before the pandemic. The NeveNoT suitcase captures this in themed suitcase charms created in gold and hard stones: malachite, bulls-eye agate, black and white mother of pearl, lapis and opal with diamond accents.

London-based Nina Dzhokhadze, the co-founder of the brand, explains the inspiration, “We were influenced by the ability to travel again, by the vacations we look forward to, exciting flights to our most desired destinations. This is mixed with the anticipation of picturesque seaside and sunsets, or the discovery, while sightseeing, of ancient architecture and the indigenous beauty that each place we visit reveals.”

Dzhokhadze offers more detail about the impetus for the collection, “Natia Chkhartishvili and I are co-founders of NeverNoT. However, we live in different places (I live in the London and Natia, in Georgia/Eastern Europe ). Still, we see each other during travels, often meeting in the airports and on the go, which also played into this series. Natia loves distinctive suitcases and we both have an affinity for bright colors.”

In this series, the duo borrowed the nostalgia and kitsch of luggage covered in stickers from around the globe. It is an extension of the optimistic, sometimes whimsical approach to NeverNoT’s fine jewelry and, says Dzhokhadze “It is also relatable to everyone who loves to travel.”

The suitcases represent different destinations and each has a name. Dzhokhadze decribes a selection of them:

“The opal suitcase is reflected in ‘Beach Escape’ as it resembles the blue water of the sea and crystal-clear beach views.”

“The malachite style suggests ‘Amazonian Adventures’ named after the Amazonian forest in Brazil.”

“The white gold and black mother-of-pearl suitcase is named ‘Powder Snow’, signifying ski and snowboarding trips.”

“The Tigers eye suitcase, named ‘Safari Heat’ characterizes African safari adventures.”

If you are planning a trip soon or can relate to packing, travel or one of these destinations, one or more of these charms would be perfect to add to your jewelry collection.


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